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Some people say squirting is pee, but if it is, who cares? The babes here are masturbating for you on camera and when they cum, they cum hard, and their wet squirt gets everywhere. You can see the cum dripping thickly out of their wet pussies.

Most of the videos here are of solo women masturbating. They rub their clits with their fingers and they use vibrators and dildos. Sometimes they'll use a hitachi magic wand.

I like watching squirting videos because it's hot to imagine a girl squirting all over my face. I would drink up her cum as she orgasms in my face. What an experience that would be!

The best part about these videos is that there's usually no men in them. I love just focusing on the perfect pussies these girls have, and imagine eating them out with cunnilingus.

The last thing I want to mention is that most babes can't squirt. It's probably less than one in fifty. So if you're ever lucky enough to meet a squirter, you are one lucky horny fuck!