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Cuckolding is when a girl has a boyfriend but fucks another dude. In most of the cuckolding porn online the boyfriend knows he's being cuckolded and sometimes even watches it. He's either into it or it's a form of humiliation and degradation.

It's common in femdom relationships. The guy has a tiny dick so the domme humiliates him for it and keeps him in chastity while she fucks other guys. There's a lot of videos that feature cuckolds preparing their mistress for her date with a bull.

Often the cuckold won't be allowed to fuck his mistress. He'll have to eat her pussy and lick her ass, and use his tongue to clean out the creampies that the lover of his histress has left in her pussy.

It may not be your thing, but if you're into it, you can find it here. Cuckolding is actually one of our most popular categories! That's right, lots of people all around the world search for it on our site every single day. Isn't it surprising that it's so popular? I guess these guys just don't think they're good enough to deserve a hot girl, so in order to get a hot girl, they let the girl cuckold them and humiliate them and treat them like shit! Well, at least they get to hang out with a sexy dominant woman. Could be worse!